1. Practice your tucker sign letters that Mrs. Held showed you!

  1. Practice making faces and identifying emotions. If your grownup makes a face, try to guess what feeling it is!

  1. Practice up on Ms. Daughtery's activity so you are ready for next week! Have your grown up hide something (in a bag, box, or other spot) and give you clues, try to guess what it is! After you guess, you pick an object and try to give your grownup clues to guess.

  1. Play a more or less game. Get out any object (food items while cooking, silverware, crayons, pencils, or go outside and collect rocks/leaves, really ANYTHING) and separate them into groups and play "Who has more and who has less".

  1. Listen for sounds inside and outside. Sit and listen to the sounds around you. Talk about what sounds you hear and which are loud and which are soft.


Click the play button or the link below the video to view!


Ms. McKee