1. Practice the letters that Mrs. Held showed you, and sing your ABC's with your grownup to practice!

  2. Practice following directions - have your grownup give you silly directions and see if you can follow them (touch your elbow and then run in a circle, find a book and put it on your head, go into the kitchen and jump, etc.) start with one direction and then add as you go if they remember each direction.

  3. After reading a story, have your grownup ask you if you can remember 2-3 things from the story. If this is difficult you may need some hints!

  4. Play follow the leader, walk on your toes, walk backward, take big steps, take little steps, walk fast, walk slow, and then talk about each of these things!

  5. When reading a story, talk about how each character is feeling. Use their faces in the pictures as hints! Then talk about WHY they are feeling the way that they are.


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